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Selling to the C-Level

One Percent Sales™ — Selling to the Credit Union C-Level

The only program specifically focused on selling to the C-Level in credit unions.

When selling to credit union executives and boards of directors – partnership is most important. As leaders, you sell to a higher level; and, to sell at the C-level, you must think and act at the C-level. By aligning your message with credit unions’ missions, strategic plans, and executive goals – you can deliver remarkably high value. As you sell products, services, and ideas to top decision makers, you’re doing much more than closing a deal; you’re partnering in their success. Here’s how.

The Focus

  • Establish prominent expertise and professional executive presence.
  • Align sales messages to credit union vision and strategic goals.
  • Articulate industry trends, financial/market analysis, and opportunities for client success.
  • Recognize client challenges; and, provide innovative, relevant solutions.
  • Position sales leaders as catalysts for inventive and pertinent thinking.
  • Emphasis on client ROI: profitable products, initiatives, service, and operations.

The Framework

  • Up to two days with strategic sales leaders and sales support team.
  • Master communication, evaluation, and influence at the C-level.
  • Prospect, gain access, consult, and build relationships at the C-level.
  • Tie sales objectives and goals to client success factors and drivers.
  • Understand how to connect with the eight styles of C-level thinking.
  • Create clear, concise, and credible C-level-tailored sales messages and presentations.

The Results

  • Strategic intent, design, and structure for every C-level interaction.
  • 30-, 60-, and 90- day action plans for immediate C-level success.
  • Establish your sales team as a recognized, sought-after business partner and results architect.
  • Unrivaled C-level mindshare, trust, and outreach for next level success.
  • Enriched success rates in client acquisition and contract renewals.
  • Predictable revenue, increased profits, and growth in market share.

Success at the C-level requires winning executive attention, engaging her/his intellect, and advancing a partnership. Your commitment to each client’s strategic success puts your team in a position of leadership, helping clients multiply the value provided to their member-owners.

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Digital Delivery of Selling to the C-Level

When in-person facilitation just isn’t feasible, digital delivery of all programs is a great option. Formatted in more than two dozen 5-10-minute videos, your sales and service team get the system “on the go” and playable on any device. Learn more at Virtual Programs.

Plus, all participants get access to the monthly article, “Selling to the C-Level.”

Email Jeff and help your sales leaders develop C-Level mind share jeff@jeffrendel.com.