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Selling to the C-Level

One Percent Sales™ — Selling to the Credit Union C-Level

When selling to credit union executives and boards of directors – partnership is most important. As leaders, you sell to a higher level; and, to sell at the C-level, you have to think and act at the C-level. By aligning your message with credit unions’ missions, strategic plans, and executive goals – you can deliver remarkably high value. As you sell products, services, and ideas to top decision makers, you’re doing much more than closing a deal; you’re partnering in their success. Here’s how.

The Focus

  • Establish prominent expertise and professional executive presence.
  • Align sales messages to credit union vision and strategic goals.
  • Articulate industry trends and key opportunities for client success.
  • Recognize client challenges; and, provide innovative, relevant solutions.
  • Position sales leaders as catalysts for inventive and pertinent thinking.
  • Client ROI: profitable products, initiatives, service, and operations.

The Framework

  • Up to two days with strategic sales leaders and sales support team.
  • Master communication, evaluation, and influence at the C-level.
  • Prospect, gain access, consult, and build relationships at the C-level.
  • Tie sales objectives and goals to client success factors and drivers.
  • Understand how to connect with the eight styles of C-level thinking.
  • Create clear, concise, and credible C-level-tailored sales presentations.

The Results

  • Strategic intent, design, and structure for every C-level interaction.
  • 30-, 60-, and 90- day action plans for immediate C-level success.
  • Establish your sales team as a recognized business partner and advocate.
  • Unrivaled C-level mindshare, trust, and outreach for next level success.
  • Enriched success rates in client acquisition and contract renewals.
  • Predictable revenue, increased profits, and growth in market share.

Success at the C-level requires winning executive attention, engaging her/his intellect, and advancing a partnership. Your commitment to each client’s strategic success puts your team in a position of leadership, helping clients multiply the value provided to their member-owners.

Sample Two-Day Agenda

Day One: The C-Level – Access, Influence, and Relationships

  • Think Like the C-Level to Sell to the C-Level
  • Business Trends; Industry Trends; Credit Union Trends
  • Discovering the C-Level Vision; Selling to the C-Level Vision
  • Be the Outsider Who Seems Like an Insider
  • Be an Ally and Catalyst for Growth; Your Success Stems from Their Success
  • Fact-Finding Research for New Accounts
  • Landing the Hard-to-Get Meeting
  • Five Strategies to Penetrate the C-Suite; Sales Call Preparation Checklist
  • Advanced Calling Strategies; Sales Calls Themes and Structures
  • Turning Gatekeepers into Allies: A Relationship Equally as Important
  • Context, Content, and Contact
  • Building Credibility and Trust
  • Prepare, Package, and Present
  • Communication, Facilitation, and Dialogue
  • Words that Work; Effective Sales Language

Day Two: Clients, Case Studies, and Action Plans

  • Discovery Phase of Two Credit Unions – Potential Client and Existing Client
  • Situation Analysis of Each Client’s Factors for Success
  • How Your Company’s Products, Services, and Solutions Enhance Value for Each Credit Union
  • Business Outcomes that Matter Most
  • Key Executives; Key Messages; Key Results
  • Questions, Indecision, Eagerness, and Intimidation
  • Positioning Yourself as an Expert
  • Turning Points, Dead Ends, and Continuing to Lead
  • Consulting for Results; Closing for Success
  • Follow Up: Where Business is Lost, Gained, and Secured
  • Action Plan for Each Credit Union; Action Plan for Each Sales Leader
  • Key Measures of Success for Sales and Renewals
  • Building Templates for Future Success
  • Professional Goals; Follow Up Assignments; Closing Remarks