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One Percent Leadership™

At last – a strategic leadership development system designed for any size credit union.  Affordable, practical, and effective, One Percent Leadership™ centers on building and leading a modern organization from a complete systems perspective.  It shows consideration for your credit union’s unique culture.  It customizes its fit with your credit union’s managing professionals.  It increases your credit union’s ability to lead successful change, execute strategies and solutions, delivering on your mission and vision.

The Focus

  • Strategic approaches to leadership with an emphasis on practical applications and the achievement of organizational objectives.
  • The critical role of management: planning, decision-making, motivating employees, and communicating effectively.
  • Processes and systems for effective leadership through the challenges and successes of leading organizational change.
  • The value of using business analytics to make effective data-driven decisions that minimize risk, maximize return, and gain advantage.
  • The effective management of high-performance teams to reduce conflict and expand results.

 The Framework

  • One or two days with sessions for all managers; team-based breakout sessions for operations managers and executives; and, one-on-one coaching for high potential leaders.
  • Post-graduate level learning combined with modern practices from high-performing executives, teams, and organizations.
  • Concentrated exercises in a project environment that further dialogue, engagement, collaboration, and strategic thinking skills.
  • Hands-on assignments that focus on the business value of continuous change, refinement, innovation, processes, and development.
  • Strategic leadership skills and approaches that reveal the significance of professional presence, responsibility, action, execution, and achievement.

The Results

  • The ability to make effective decisions that will have long-term benefits and to implement lasting strategies for sustainability and growth.
  • The tools to analyze risk, addressing both internal and external liabilities to generate and execute a more effective strategic plan.
  • Improved strategic decision-making skills using qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as methodical forecasting capabilities.
  • An enhanced understanding of leading and managing highly effective teams and team-based projects with a focus on greater innovation, cooperation, and performance.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of strategic leadership skills; using these abilities to drive growth and effectiveness; and modeling the proficiencies to incorporate into corporate culture.


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