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One Percent Leadership

At last – a leadership development system designed for any size credit union.  Affordable, practical, and effective – One Percent Leadership™ works – and it works right away.  It shows consideration for your credit union’s unique culture.  It customizes its fit with your credit union’s current cadre of professionals.  It increases your credit union’s ability to deliver on its mission and vision.

The Focus

  • Leadership is everywhere: up, down, and across organizations.
  • Leading as an individual: integrity; expertise; ambition; focus; commitment to results.
  • Leading as a professional: confidence; presence; standards; solutions; goal-setting; priorities.
  • Leading as a teammate: relationships; communication; feedback; collaboration; support.
  • Leading as a strategist: outlook; perspective; trends; change; innovation; long-term focus.
  • Leading through actions: habits; execution; flexibility; persistence; resilience; encouragement.

The Framework

  • One or two days: all staff; or separate frontline, managerial, and executive level professionals.
  • Components that uncover the significance of professional presence and responsibility.
  • Strategies demonstrating opportunity, accountability, and incentive with each job function.
  • Exercises that further dialogue, engagement, and collaboration skills.
  • Projects that focus on the business value of continuous change, refinement, and development.
  • Individual plans ready for immediate action, execution, and achievement.

The Results

  • Understanding the functions of leadership in every position.
  • Dedication to continuous professional development and excellence.
  • Respect for the strategic value in every job and department.
  • Collaboration across business units for comprehensive execution.
  • Delivery of outstanding operating results tied to long-term strategy.
  • Long-lasting leadership skills that perform in numerous business environments.

In the end, the One Percent Leadership™ system delivers elite results: a leader in every job; a culture of aspiration, follow-through, and results; and, a team dedicated to making certain that strategies succeed.

When in-person facilitation just isn’t feasible, digital delivery of all programs is a great option. Learn more at Virtual Programs.

Email Jeff and start building leaders at every level – jeff@jeffrendel.com.