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Board Assessments and Governance

As credit unions continuously evolve to remain relevant for their members, the best boards realize that they must change, too. A board assessment and governance review helps increase the value your Board provides members and the CEO. Learn some of the most effective board dynamics, from contemporary credit union models, as you seek to ensure your members have the best and most pertinent representation and leadership for their credit union.

The Focus

  • Board guidance, strategic oversight, succession, and representaion of and for members.
  • Board dynamics, communications, and working relationship with CEO.
  • Review of Board charter, governing documents, committees, and operating guidelines.
  • Areas of Board activity and attention; balanced points of strategy and execution.
  • Areas of greatest strategic importance over the next several years.
  • Designing a governance model that fits the strategic direction of credit union.

The Framework

  • Anonymous assessment from each director: 22 pages; 5 areas of focus; 13 categories.
  • Optional expanded interviews with individual directors and CEO (offsite or onsite).
  • Comprehensive report; areas for Board development; best practices examples.
  • Governance action plan for sustained and ongoing Board development.
  • Optional workshop to discuss assessment findings and facilitate action steps (onsite or offsite).
  • Foundational, 3-, and 6-month follow up conference calls to measure progress toward goals.

The Results

  • Quantitative governance results to determine focused areas of attention.
  • Insights from peers for helpful understandings of Board operations and dynamics.
  • Tangible, Board-set actions, goals, and metrics for successful governance.
  • Reinforced areas of strategic focus, enriching Board’s commitment to governance.
  • Readiness for future, peer-to-peer 360 review Board assessment.
  • Enhanced Board efficiency as a group and exclusive relationship with CEO.

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