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One Percent Service™ – An MSR at Every Desk™

At last – a sales and service system for any size of credit union. No multi-year contracts, no week or two away from the office, no particular CRM system necessary. It’s affordable, practical, and effective. A complement to your existing sales and service culture and systems, the premise is simple – We all hold the title of “MSR” and individually help the credit union earn the right to grow for and with its members. When you serve first, you can sell more. Here’s how:

The Focus

  • Perspectives, principles, and habits of the most member/customer-centric companies.
  • Front-line leadership, where members expect and deserve it most.
  • Each professional’s role and contribution to member success.
  • Alignment of sales, service, and support with credit union marketing and strategy.
  • Profitable, efficient memberships through service and onboarding.
  • Member loyalty; value of membership; service as the difference.

The Framework

  • One or two days; all-staff sessions; member-facing staff sessions.
  • Refining all stages of member contact, experience, and perception.
  • Defining expectations for front-line behaviors and leadership.
  • Listening-, conversation-, and solutions-focused exercises.
  • Cross-selling, up-serving, and member engagement skills.
  • Managing the member experience with standards and measures.

The Results

  • A sales and service culture with daily key performance indicators.
  • Consistency in service standards for a valuable member experience.
  • Custom training guides defining the “How of Wow” at every step.
  • Confident front-line leaders who build member loyalty with ease.
  • Greater member response rates for sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Increased revenue, profit, loyalty, and use of products and services.

Loyalty begins at Day One of membership and through every interaction. A “Member First” approach and results-based culture helps your credit union increase sales, service levels, and profits. Member loyalty is the goal, and all are vital in delivering an outstanding experience.

When in-person facilitation just isn’t feasible, digital delivery of all programs is a great option. Learn more at Virtual Programs.

Email Jeff and become a more member-centric credit union – jeff@jeffrendel.com.