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One Percent Executive Coaching™ – Long-Term Strategy and Growth

One Percent Executive Coaching™ is designed to focus on what’s most critical to long-term strategy and growth for your executive team, as well as to help you solve your credit union’s most multifaceted challenges.  This customized pathway enables executives to develop their leadership and management coaching skills.  Here’s how it works:

The Focus

  • Discover best practices to build an empowered, results-driven team.
  • Find and fix blind spots to enhance your leadership ability and confidence.
  • Increase strategic alignment across the entire organization.
  • Gain access to diverse thought leadership to create new approaches to solving business challenges.
  • Make proactive and effective decisions that are aligned with long-term strategy and growth.

The Framework

  • Monthly meetings via Zoom platform (one hour).
  • Monthly advanced reading and executive assignments corresponding with identified challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities.
  • Annual, in person, meeting (one-day) for concentrated dialogue and planning for next level of executive development and achievement.
  • If desired, regular communication with direct report (Board, CEO, executive) on growth, breakthroughs, and continued steps for progress.
  • Opportunity to be part of next level of executive development, the One Percent Master Mind™.

The Results

  • Acquisition of leadership and management skills to foster executive performance, trust, and accountability.
  • Optimized day-to-day, operational business decisions and organizational results.
  • Fresh perspectives on complex issues to retool your long-term strategy and growth plans without sacrificing current performance.
  • Emphasis on implementation and execution in alignment with strategic goals.
  • Preparation of executives for their next levels of leadership, plus development of a succession plan for next-in-line executives.

Take the next step in growing as an executive through this high-performance program. Email jeff – jeff@jeffrendel.com.