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“There’s a good reason why we continue to invite you to facilitate our largest meetings and conferences – you understand every aspect and gradation of credit union operations and strategy; and, your ability to communicate the most practical matters to a wide assortment of professionals and directors sets you apart.” – Credit Union National Association

“The business of banking can be institutional and a bit hesitant to change, agility, and ongoing innovation. Not after our time in outstanding engagement with you. In an industry that’s now volatile, we are better prepared for intentional disruption to our own business model” – Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union

“Always ‘leading at the speed of members’ stands out as the foremost message our executives and directors needed to receive as we deliberated our strategic options in designing a new business model. Our focus on the future is constant and our delivery on strategy is immediate.” – Coca-Cola Credit Union

“The long-term nature of strategy regularly requires that major objectives span several years. Helping us ‘focus and finish’ was significant in that, amidst many good ideas for our credit union, the greatest ideas require completion first. Thanks for assisting us as we deliver operational value for our members through strategic focus on our Executive Team.” – Genisys Credit Union

“To sell to the C-Level, one has to think at the C-Level. Your hands-on experience, problem-solving reasoning, and innate understanding continues to give our sales leaders the tools they need to help our clients grow, profit, and create significant experiences.” – State National Companies

“For a Board to get stronger, it must have the resolution and confidence to assess its members, dynamics, and relationship with the CEO. Your design, administration, evaluation, and facilitation of the process was just what our Board considered necessary for its strategic growth. The full Board is eager to act on its new goals and looking forward to a deeper assessment with your expanded analysis.” – Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union

“We knew a full assessment of our Board was the next and necessary step in our evolution in governance. We also recognized we were apprehensive about the process and potential unknown factors of what we needed to accomplish to get better. Your systematic quantitative, quantitative, fact-finding, diagnostic, and open process eased our concerns. The final product is precisely what we needed to govern at the speed of members.” – Telhio Credit Union

“Deciding areas of strategic focus requires trade-offs. Quite simply, it’s impossible to do and be all. What’s so valuable about your services are the illustrations you share from your experience throughout the industry. Understanding how others have succeeded, and how some have fallen short, further refines the decisions you help us reach to be precisely what our members need.” – Clearview Federal Credit Union

“Keeping a strategic meeting’s focus on what must be done, not how it is done, is key to achieving the highest outcomes from all participants. Your talent in keeping us focused on our next phase of growth helped us accomplish more than expected and ensured that the roles of all parties were best utilized.” – 1st United Services Credit Union

“’Because it’s always been that way’ can provide various strategic limitations, especially when highest and best use of capital scenarios suggest change. The skillful way you showed how opportunity cost analysis, in exchange for historical contentment, can lead to substantial strategic strides forward was the highlight of many highpoints in our time with you.” – Crane Credit Union

“For a planning session to be exceptionally effective, thorough, and active participation from all is necessary. Your adeptness in pursuing input and eliciting information from all directors and executives made the meeting amazingly successful and valuable.” – Montana Credit Union

“As markets, expectations, and business models change; so, must Board leadership. Our Board knew it needed to better reflect our members to best represent them. Steering that shift is where you helped us most. You showed us the most useful ways to move forward as a Board and to be a meaningful voice for our members and the changes they bring to our credit union.” – Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union

“The opportunity that plainly lies in our backyard was evident as you guided us through an essential decision and subsequent set of strategic objectives. Your impartial assessment, linked with industry expertise, was exceptionally beneficial in helping us maximize our capacity and make the highest and best use of capital.” – Aurora Federal Credit Union

“We explore numerous ways to invest in credit unions and their business partners; so many, that prioritizing is essential. Your leadership with our Board and executive team delivers the type of knowledge, awareness, and advice that we respect as we make significant decisions for continual relevance.” – CU Solutions Group

“The application of data to reinforce strategic choices is a tool that provides empirical support to new direction. While discussing the potential for big, bold moves, it’s also helpful to understand the realities of probability, required resources, and trade-offs. Your thorough analysis, presentation, and dialogue leadership supported, and provided the necessary confidence, to ensure buy-in from all parties and readiness for execution from our leadership team.” – Spectra Credit Union

“Financial services providers find themselves in a new state of disruption and volatility. We needed expert analysis on the right business model moving forward. Your insights, data-driven approach, and eye for opportunity helped us look at our future as an investor would examine a new market for capital investment.” – Financial Center Credit Union

“Bringing two thriving credit unions together through merger is no small task. Your commitment to serve as catalyst among two credit unions, executive teams, boards, legal teams, sets of vendors, and regulators involved the kind of long-term dedication and partnership that is of utmost value. These opportunities come around once in a lifetime, and we are grateful for your guidance through such a multi-faceted undertaking.” – Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union

“With so many options to deliberate, your ability to help us focus on revenue, strategic fit, and capacity to execute helped us discover strategic value, in order to focus on enterprise value.” – Evergreen Credit Union

“We knew you were recognized for helping deliver operating and strategic results that lead the industry, but record-setting? What we feared would be an overwhelming challenge turned out to be the most successful member vote, merger, and conversion in our history – with 50 percent of budgeted time to spare! You indisputably are a most invaluable partner to all credit unions.” – American Share Insurance

“Focused, strategic, and engaged. That sums up how important it was to have you lead our strategic discussions. Tactics and paths often change, but objectives remain steady. Our directors appreciate your ability to show that review, reflection, and refinement help keep us on track for strategic success. It’s easy to get lost in the details. Thanks for keeping us thinking, and deciding, for the long term.” – Heartland Credit Union

“When forming long-term strategic choices, it’s often more important to say ‘no’ to most options than to say ‘yes’ to the right options. Your understanding of our intentions for our members, and your knowledge of the strategic horizon for credit unions, helped us create a set of objectives that is a picture-perfect fit for our members.” – Smart Financial Credit Union

“There is still a place for a family-owned, rurally niched, community bank. Families, small businesses, and community organizations still need – and prefer – local financial institutions. When you know Main Street, you can better serve Main Street, and remain competitive in an industry with lots of options. Thanks for taking the lead in helping us see a path, plan, and begin the work for another 100 years of local banking.” – First National Bank of Hartford

“Your profound understanding of financials, ratios, and trends provided the rationale to support our need for choosing the best partner for continued service to our members. But of greatest value was your ability to listen to our needs and concerns without preference or an immediate solution. The highest level of business is an act of friendship, and we appreciate that quality in you.” – Federal Employees of Chippewa County Credit Union

“Mergers are so much more than bringing businesses and balance sheets together. Mergers can be a shifting puzzler of operating strategies, leadership styles, visions for the future, and challenging decisions. We so appreciate your leadership working with all parties, internally and externally, to keep us moving forward, always seeking to achieve the ultimate end goal.” – Buckeye State Credit Union

“Engaging you as our closing speaker – each of the many times we’ve worked together – is the textbook fit for our conferences. Your insights to the industry – and ability to connect and offer practical insights for immediate use – guarantees the highest value is provided to the leaders who attend.” – National Credit Union Management Association

“When our Board was at a crossroads – retiring CEO, preparing an in-house executive for the top job, and overseeing tremendous growth – we needed calculated guidance that would seamlessly take us to a more strategic level of governance. Thanks to an ongoing advisory relationship with you, we remain at the top of our strategic game, a massive benefit to our Board, CEO, and members.” – Partners 1st Federal Credit Union

“When we asked for a session on the role of cryptocurrency in credit unions, we had no idea we would go through blockchain technology, a brush up on calculus, disintermediation, and a dose of libertarian philosophy. Your comprehensive approach to a multifarious subject simplified the matters that we need to understand. By realizing the underlying platform, we are now equipped to consider all applications of decentralized finance.” – Southern California Credit Union Alliance

“It’s no surprise that your name was at the top of our list for support with our merger and data conversion, as well as the minutiae involved with CEO transition and contract negotiation. You continue to exhibit your commitment to enterprise-wide success of any endeavor, making you a most valuable long-term partner for our, and any, credit union.” – Western Connecticut Federal Credit Union

“When making significant changes to a business model, finding the most meaningful measures of success can be the biggest challenge. Your insights to common metrics, along with the skillful way you keep us moving through and out of our comfort zones, better prepares us for leading in a new and growing market space.” – Limestone Federal Credit Union

“Leading a team of board members who are seasoned executives through a planning process is a challenging task. You demonstrated that excellent oversight makes the most of a board’s expertise, allowing the CEO to plan, allocate, and execute. That kind of balance provides stability and effectiveness in both roles.” – Horizons North Credit Union

“A three-year strategic plan, CEO succession, and new CEO transition all in two days. That’s a tall order we asked of you to steer us through an in-depth dialogue and set of decisions. As a result, we are better equipped for a new era, innovative leader, renewed market, and suite of strategies for our continued growth and service to members.” – Michigan One Community Credit Union

“Sales is much more than prospecting, presenting, and closing. It’s partnering – all for the benefit of ensuring our clients succeed. Thanks for assisting us in appreciating how decision makers think and what matters most at the executive level. We are grateful that you helped position us as a strategic resource; a major competitive advantage.” – Cummins-Allison

“Being relevant with respect to customer-facing technology is beyond strategy; it’s a standard operating procedure. As the pace of change and technological advancement increases, your insights on constantly examining the technology backdrop and continuously refining and updating the digital experience set our banking leaders into action, creating first-hand strategies to lead at the speed of customers and the experiences they expect.” – Minnesota Bankers Association

“Searching for a future CEO is no easy task. As you helped us design a plan for welcoming the next leader to our credit union, the continued focus on mission, specifics for success, and leadership during the transition kept our Board centered on the right person for our future. Your commitment to helping credit unions succeed in operations, strategy, and leadership is impressive and unmistakable.” – Lenco Credit Union

“Engagement can make or break a strategic planning session. Your emphasis on participation and contribution from all helped us discuss the most important elements facing our strategic future. Managing many voices in a conversation is your superpower; listening, learning, and leveraging from all to create agreement and enthusiasm about a shared purpose and direction.” – Afena Federal Credit Union

“Having a tailored list of questions and scenarios to pose to our candidates for CEO was of utmost importance and merit. Your thoughtful crafting of inquiries to present helped keep us focused on driving value for our members and a new legacy for leadership at our credit union. Selecting new leadership is a big undertaking; one that you helped cement as we plan for the next era of growth and service.” – Pillar Credit Union

“Branding and strategically aligning our vision to the identity of the Upper Peninsula, as opposed to the counties we serve, is what will set us apart and allow for growth outside of a saturated marketplace. This stretch in thinking created the flexibility we needed to move onward in growth, market presence, and member mind share.” – Great Lakes Financial Federal Credit Union

“Many mid-sized credit unions looking for revenue enhancement, scaled operations, and sophisticated technology often search for a collaborative credit union partner. Yet, there are many avenues where credit unions can capitalize on ‘bigger is not always better’ and deliver superior results for members and the balance sheet. Your advice revealed the opportunities and put us back in the lead.” – Scient Federal Credit Union

“There is still room for right-sized credit unions, especially when filling a niche like no other. We appreciate your considerable awareness and skill in developing a plan for success that allows us to say ‘yes’ to a well-defined and enormously loyal set of members. We now stand out at any asset size.” – Unity Catholic Federal Credit Union

“As a credit union grows, so must the focus of its Board of Directors. Doubling asset size doesn’t require twice the time committed to governance. Guiding us in prioritizing our areas of concentration, within the same parameters of responsibility, created an even better executive and governance partnership.” – Pima Federal Credit Union

“For a billion-dollar idea to work at a non-billion-dollar credit union, it takes imagination, focus, and discipline. The plans we built with you put us in a position to lead in our chosen market, rather than follow in others’ shadows. We are energized, determined, and confident that this strategy lays the foundation for a new business model benefitting our current and forthcoming members.” – 1st Cooperative Federal Credit Union

“Bringing our team to a new level of strategic thinking allowed us to realize that a niche focus for our members lets us thrive – often even surpass other institutions – in the crowded market of financial services. Our members are the major winners; our success is a byproduct of theirs.” – Icon Credit Union

“We continuously appreciate the deep-rooted industry insight and expertise you bring our strategic planning process. Your talent in incorporating industry best practices to our objectives and goals creates a level of fine-tuning that makes our strategic success even more viable.” – Taleris Credit Union

“Our Board and Executive Team always appreciate the level of research and application you bring to our planning sessions. You help us see where we are moving forward with the industry, but also press for ways that we can stand out from our industry and for our members.” – North Jersey Federal Credit Union

“Your ’90-Day Sprints’ were the key elements for our success in executing our strategic plan. When long-term goals are broken down into easy-to-execute fundamentals, the highest levels of buy-in from all staff members are achieved.” – Ardent Credit Union

“Community is the backbone of our business model. The creativity you helped us embrace shaped dozens of original ways we build the place we call home, serve the members who choose us, and nurture our role in bettering our small part of a better world. Every loan we make, deposit we hold, and hour we assist is the investment our community deserves, and we are thrilled to deliver.” – Emerald Credit Association

“Having you as a recurring part of our program further supports our goal of providing the most updated, relevant, practical, and forward-thinking ideas and strategies for our attendees. Just when credit unions have mastered what is modern, you introduce the next phase of concepts. This is just what we need to continue leading for members.” – Credit Union Leadership Convention

“Professional presence and long-term outlook are significant when working with teams of high-performance individuals. Your message and systems on preparing and tying all communications to strategy helped us serve our members and colleagues, so that all move forward.” – Water & Power Community Credit Union

“Our members expect change, because it’s pertinent to their lives as consumers who expect businesses to look out for their best interests. Your “What’s Next?” model kept us aware that we must always move forward for and with our members as leaders on their behalves.” – Alatrust Credit Union

“Creating a model to replicate before expanding into adjacent areas for growth is the tool we find most valuable from your strategic guidance during our planning session. As we build success in one market, we can be more confident about success in new markets.” – Kaiperm Credit Union

“Strategic planning of this magnitude was special for us, and our trust in your wide-ranging experience and expertise paid extra dividends. Determining new paths to establish, partners to engage, and technology to deploy puts us in a unique position. We can leverage the field of membership we serve, building a brand that is exclusive and valued, personally and with resulting business.” – Brookland Federal Credit Union

“Helping our ‘right-sized’ credit union understand how it can thrive in the same strategic space as the larger players paved the way for our growth. Doing what we do best – and being confident in focusing on that niche of products and markets – made all the difference.” – Fontana Federal Credit Union

“What a creative message with incredible business insights that there is still room for a niche credit union in a world of mega community charters. Truth be told, the niche approach creates a more loyal set of members generating a lifetime of financial value. Your strategic method showed us the importance of thinking big while acting small.” – La Loma Federal Credit Union

“Often, success comes from replicating an effective model in a new market – and that’s just what we did with your guidance and assistance in developing our model for growth. Our members and communities are enjoying more of ‘us,’ and we plan to keep marching forward.” – Millstream Area Credit Union

“Trends reveal behavior changes. Our role is to create products that meet the expectations of our members. Thanks for your insights into what to make of trends in our industry and how to utilize the information and create value for our members and profit for their credit union.” – Sooper Credit Union

“Finding a way to execute ‘billion-dollar plans’ at a non-billion-dollar shop was stimulating for our Board and Executive Team. We really are a global institution, even if our footprint is a few counties. We’re positioned to take on all competitors and win for our members.” – Calcite Credit Union


“Illustrating to us how the most successful companies allocate their strategic risks reinforced the priorities we assign to our current and anticipated markets. It helped us maintain focus on our main business model, while we shift to incorporate and serve an unmet need in our business community.” – Prince George’s Community Federal Credit Union

“Building a business-minded, go/no-go case for each strategic idea kept our emotions in check and our efforts focused on what mattered most for our members. Our Board and Executive Team are better strategists thanks to your leadership and facilitation.” – Best Financial Credit Union

“Our level of consensus solidified as you incorporated everyone’s thoughts and observations into developing a thorough approach to our strategic direction. We can now speak and implement as one, providing for a true team effort in our long-range plans.” – Kentucky Telco Credit Union

“Your advanced sales program gave us the tools necessary to expand relationships, strengthen partnerships, and add entrepreneurship to our outbound marketing initiatives. Rapid growth is in our sights and your guidance is producing results.” – Potlatch No. 1 Federal Credit Union

“Your commitment to strategic follow through sets you apart – and keeps us on track. What we deliberate and decide at a planning session is better executed with regular check-ins that serve as updates and insights as we move forward in our areas of focus.” – ISU Credit Union

“Even with market share leadership, there’s room and necessity for growth. Pointing us toward new markets was bold, but essential. ‘Why can’t we take more of our credit union to new markets?’ is our new rallying call. We’re eager to serve and succeed – in that order.” – Awakon Federal Credit Union

“You’re like family to us, always helping us find ways to get just a bit better. Our planning sessions with you are always of highest value, but your advice, ideas, and support throughout the years keep us focused on success as we envisioned.” – Total Choice Federal Credit Union

“Strategic clarity best summarizes the product of our two-day planning session. Finding focus among so many competing initiatives provides the vision that all can understand and embrace. Our strategic statements are few, but they will produce much.” – Point Loma Credit Union

“You recognized and acknowledged ‘exclusively,’ a word we ensure our members understand about our niche. No other outside partner has ever done the same. Your attention to that important detail stands out as to your commitment to our promise to members.” – East County Schools Federal Credit Union

“Having you back to facilitate our strategic planning session is confirmation supporting your capability in helping our credit union plan for its growth and success.  But, when our Board made an exception – the first of this kind – insisting that we continue to engage you; it supported their and our executives’ regard for you as “tops in the industry.”  That alone is a testament to your talents, camaraderie, and capabilities to help lead credit unions as they design and execute their strategies.” – Dade County Federal Credit Union

“Belief.  This straightforward, yet commanding concept is a guiding principle for our organization—we believe in our customers, our colleagues, and in the communities we serve.  Your keynote session for our annual meeting was entertaining and timely but, more importantly, you spoke of practical ways to put that belief into action.  We are committed to the next 100 years of First United and are we are committed to authentically living out our belief.” – First United Bank (OK)

“Leadership as it relates to strategy is about delivering products and services to meet the financial needs of our members – and doing so more effectively than our competitors.  This means translating strategy into frontline, managerial, and executive actions every day.  Your practical ideas and examples provide a relevant guide we can apply in our organization.” – Mountain America Credit Union

“Your ‘One Percent Banking’ philosophy hit the mark.  Our duty is much greater than earning the opening piece of business – it’s creating a lifetime of commerce with each client.  When we distinguish the actual worth of our customers, we can make improved strategic and tactical decisions.  As leaders of financial institutions, the more our clients understand the current and lifetime profitability of their customers, the closer they get to elite levels of sales and service.  That’s a hands-on message we can, literally, take to the banks.” – Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions

“That was the finest planning session we have ever had in all my years as CEO, and our Board is in complete agreement.  What captivates our Board and me is we continue to make the same statement after each session that you facilitate.  We’re thrilled for what you have in store for this year’s session and expect to make the same claim again.” – Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal Credit Union

“The home run effect of your presentation was established when a board member remarked, ‘I learned more from Jeff in 90 minutes than I did in graduate banking school.’  That’s a testament to your ability to clarify the often intricate issues of financial services into means that all levels of leadership welcome and value.  We’re looking forward to having you back.” – Mississippi Credit Union Association

“You absolutely backed up your claim, and raised the bar, regarding a completely customized keynote.  Your two-day, statewide journey to meet with many of our members and learn what a day in our lives is like made your remarks even more practical, significant, and effective.  The finest way to understand our business is to live in our business – our offices, warehouses, break rooms, lunch spots, chapter meetings, and more – and that you did.  Thanks for being ‘one of us’ and sharing your thoughts on how our businesses can flourish.” – California Moving & Storage Association

“To be ‘excited about growth’ would be an understatement; ‘Ecstatic about prosperity’ is more precise.  Your exceptional ability to shepherd several dozen ‘Type A Alpha Leaders’ to united agreement was outstanding as we look to grow our presence in our marketplace.  Our entire team – executive and governance – is committed to new paths of success and new levels of prosperity because of your leadership and our exchange of ideas.” – Firefighters First Credit Union

“Innovation – at its core – is about change and enhancement.  Whether your enterprise or endeavor is in its infancy or is well-seasoned and embedded, change will locate you.  Having the courage to adapt – before it’s needed and necessary – is a strategic value that can benefit all businesses.  We’re pleased our members are well on their way to their strategic futures.” – Credit Union Executives Society

“Facilitators can make or break a planning session.  They must be able to guide the conversation, connect with the board and management, help get the issues out, and shepherd the group to a conclusion.  You did, and continue, to do just that.  Our team is eager for your return and enthusiastic for the creative and high-impact methods you utilize to help us succeed.” – CoastHills Credit Union

“Veering away from the typical strategic planning route made all the difference.  The intelligent and passionate discussion you helped to facilitate resulted in a ‘deliverable’ unlike any other.  We are gratified and encouraged that you led us to a vision with the potential to be truly transcendent for 170 staff leaders and 50,000 member-owners.  That is an unquestionable ‘deliverable.’” – Greater Nevada Credit Union

“In a crowded business environment, in which everyone seems to be shouting the same message at peak volume, over promising and over delivering is the best way to stand out.  Thanks for helping us continue to take full advantage of the principal points of sales and service interaction between our professionals and our members.  We’re better in creating extraordinary member experiences and backing up big promises.” – JSC Federal Credit Union

“With the U.S. economy in flux, there has never been a more vital time to be brilliantly savvy at working with, managing, and retaining the best and the brightest.  Every manager needs to recognize that, with a widening generation gap, relating to all generations – and bridging the gaps – is crucial to success.  Your astute, well-researched, funny, and practical program was loaded with take-it-back-to-the-office tips and techniques that we can put to use without delay.” – Teche Federal Bank

“Part mad scientist and part brilliant tactician.  That’s how I condense your role as you helped us discover and define techniques to innovate and execute with business results in mind.  Most important, we now appreciate the unlimited wealth and that can stem from the conventional wisdom of seeing only limited and predictable resources.” – Washington State Employees Credit Union

“What a takeaway statement for our directors: ‘CEOs depend on their Boards for guidance just as much as Boards depend on their CEOs for execution.’  Your sessions were on the mark in helping our governance officials execute and accomplish their duties of strategic oversight and progress.  Each Board member is more equipped to help his institution thrive as every CEO implements the strategic objectives and strategies supporting his respective corporate mission.” – Illinois Credit Union League

“You took the words right out of my mouth when you articulated to our entire team of credit union professionals that, ‘Leadership doesn’t require a business card.  It requires you to lead by example.’  How riveting it is to see leadership in action at all levels of our credit union.  Thanks for sharing everyday ways to lead every day.” – Solarity Credit Union

“At a time when first-rate leaders at all levels of an organization are exceedingly needed, your dare for us to be unique confirmed what excellent leadership and service really looks like.  Your well-timed facts, relevant examples, and engaging stories were rich with compelling insights and success strategies.  With focus and renewed motivation, we are dedicated to the growth of our organization as a world-class crowd-puller.” – Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union

“Leadership and customer service speeches can be a dime a dozen and not survive past the ballroom doorway.  Your remarks for our emerging leaders endured because it was research-based, no-nonsense, and personal.  It shed light on how up and coming leaders can take these practices, and work them into their professional lives on a moment-by-moment basis.  Your original facts, innovative real-life examples, and updates on leading in a wild-and-crazy economy provided hard evidence for what appears a soft topic.” – Arizona Bankers Association

“Boards of Directors have changed in recent years – for the better.  Your keynote sessions with our leaders provided the leadership that our Boards need to move from just being functional and in full compliance, to making an influential contribution.  These leaders are prepared to make the changeover to becoming an elite benefit for their credit unions.” – Kentucky Credit Union League

“Across the country, there is a developing consensus that community investment – time, money, and resources – is an exceptional benchmark that consumers utilize to measure and reward business performance.  However, becoming a better corporate citizen is not as easy as posting slogans in the office canteen.  What matters most is building a business that echoes the core values of our members.  When our products, services, and activities cause our members’ communities to be improved places to live, work, and do business – we both win.  That’s an impressive template that we are delighted you shared with us.” – The Paragon Consulting Group

“What our organization – front line to senior management – found most helpful was the technique in which you described how top-notch companies produce their legendary reputations for customer service.  Even better, you revealed the practical principles behind extra special customer service.  If a company wants to be the Nordstrom or Ritz-Carlton of its industry, your session is a great guide.  It will assist any company in search of systems, tools, and a culture that leads to delighted, loyal customers.” – Liberty Bank (Iowa)

“Many speakers will tell you that fantastic member service matters.  You showed us why and how to make it come about — for our members and each other — at all levels of our credit union.  Any organization that puts your commonsense approach into practice will soon reap the benefits of everyday excellence.” – Elements Financial Credit Union

“In life and business, relationships are significant, but trust is everything – particularly when change is all about.  Trust is the original building block as we lead change – for our members, for our colleagues, and for ourselves.  Your brief time with us is helping to garner a culture of true commitment vs. a whirlpool of wishful thinking through forced conformity.  At the end of the day – and on to the next change – we want the highest level of trust from those counting on us most.”  – Tyndall Federal Credit Union

“We live in an age of too much noise, too much confusion, too many choices, too many channels, and too much spam.  Old ways of sales and service don’t work.  Your sessions, though, detailed the handful of strategies that do succeed.  Perhaps more important, you showed us how to enlist everyone in our organizations in the sales, service, and marketing efforts – even if it’s not in their department.” – Fidelity Integrated Financial Solutions

“Today, four generations give determined looks at one another across the office, room, and conference table.  And the promise for conflict and confusion has never been greater.  Your insightful program provided hands-on methods to bring together the generation gaps.  At any age, productivity is what makes the difference.  With helpful tools to retain, motivate, and manage each generation, you’ve helped us establish collaboration – not combat – in today’s high-performance workplace.” – Louisiana Bankers Association

“We have constantly endeavored to lead at a higher level; now, we’re geared up to lead at the highest level – an act of friendship.  Growth, profits, and market share are what you obtain when you lead your members and colleagues at the utmost echelon.  If you want to have a remarkable company, you don’t have an alternative but to lead at this lofty altitude.” – Enrichment Federal Credit Union

“Database marketing and customer relationship management initiatives do make a difference – today – for leading marketing programs.  Your closing turn of phrase, “…the highest level of business is an act of friendship…” encapsulated the theme of our conference.  Thanks for helping us develop inventive, clever strategies for ever-changing customer and market conditions.  The result will be far stronger customer loyalty, more consistent repeat sales, and a customer relationship management program that is enjoyable and successful – for our financial institutions and their most profitable customers.” – Jack Henry & Associates

“Unquestionably, the most successful piece of your day with us was the ‘Virtual Suggestion Box.’  Generating ideas from our frontline staff on ways to enrich our service and operations was invaluable for our managers and executives.  For our front-line leaders and decision-makers to hear employees’ ideas on ‘What would really make this business soar?’ was beyond price.” – SESLOC Federal Credit Union

“Your discussion on enterprise-wide leadership helped us distinguish that to remain at the forefront of our industry, every part of our organization must lead – at every rank and in every direction and dimension.  Understanding the stakeholders we serve, and how our banks can lend a hand in their success, leadership at all levels – front line, management, and director, is an indispensable prerequisite for the banker of tomorrow. Well done – especially with microphones and remote controls “on the blink.”  Your professionalism, stage presence, and coolness made your remarks even more valuable.” – Alabama Bankers Association

“Discussing member service is one thing; having it in our credit union blood is another.  Thanks for your revitalizing and needed guidance in driving member single-mindedness.  Your no-nonsense ability to steer the entire operation of our credit unions toward well-built – and impressive – member relations built our dedication to member loyalty.” – Credit Union ONE

“How refreshing it is to hear a speaker who does so much homework on one organization and line of business.  Your inclusion of industry-specific current events, knowledge of our daily situations, and practical guidance on ways to earn loyalty from our customers was the highlight at our Symposium.  Your audience commented for days on how much they enjoyed the “outsider” who seemed like an “insider.”  – Ohio Bankers League

“With the U.S. economy in flux, there has by no means been a more significant occasion to be splendidly savvy at recruiting, rewarding, and retaining the best and the brightest – across the generations.  The generational difference is widening at work and the most successful leaders will be the finest at managing and encouraging all generations as they build bridges between the gaps.  Your defining observations – and the take-home worth you provided – will help us lessen turnover, boost sales, and enhance morale.” – Montana Bankers Association

“To stand out as a leader, one must by no means overlook that each colleague – and their responsibility – is distinctive and inter-reliant simultaneously.  Our leading duty is not to isolate this uniqueness, but rather to arrange roles, responsibilities, expectations, and commitments to make the most of it.  Thank you for lending a hand to us as we refine this skill, turning our unique talents into shared performance.” – 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union

“In the wake of every milestone is a dare – for Roger Bannister to run one mile in less than four minutes; for Sir Edmund Hillary to attempt to summit Mt. Everest one more time; and, for Autoland to deliver 1,000 cars in one month.  Your views on fulfilling customers’ dreams will help us develop as a best business partner but, your dare to attain the “1,000” mark directed the day.  We reached that mark three weeks later and wonder if you’ll throw some more dares our way.” – Autoland

“Your research, examples, and discussion from across the business spectrum allowed us to see that creating and executing memorable customer experiences is simple.  From here on out, we will: Know more about our customers; Get closer to our customers; and, Emotionally connect with our customers.  As a result, we will enjoy the benefits of customer loyalty, insistence, and word-of-mouth marketing.” – Community Bankers Association of Ohio

“Elected officials will make decisions that affect our banks and those decisions, in turn, involve our customers, communities, and future.  Political involvement must be a necessary component of our jobs to ensure success for the future of our banks and our communities.  At a time when our industry is subject to steady legislative challenges, we are committed to helping our banks attain legislative victory.  Thank you for presenting us with innovative, matter of fact, and successful ways to prevail in politics.” – South Dakota Bankers Association

“At a point when magnificent member leadership is deeply needed, you demonstrated what dazzling leadership and loyalty looks like.  Your pleasurable stories and examples of companies that blow the doors off business as usual were laden with compelling insights and success strategies.  What made your time with us most helpful was how you included our products, services, and breaking news to present us with hands-on ways to strengthen our businesses.” – Financial Services Cooperative, Inc.

“In a day and age when corporate leaders must incorporate government influence and community action into their strategic tasks lists, you without doubt brought our people together to win in politics – locally, statewide, and nationally.  Your exceptional preparation and guidance made it easier for us to become even more experienced, grassroots advocates for our customers, communities, and businesses.” – West Virginia Association of Community Banks

“In your words, and to put it plainly, word-of-mouth marketing – buzz – must initiate conversations.  With word-of-mouth marketing emerging as the most influential manner of marketing, you handed us functional tools to help prompt conversations about our customers and the media.  In short, you helped us work on getting “buzzed.”  Because we now know how to get people to talk about our stuff, we are: Getting more bang for our marketing dollar; Expanding further than we thought convention would permit; and, Doing it smarter.” – Michigan Credit Union League

“Credit union boards – far and wide – are probing for habits that reinforce their governance team.  They are searching for established practices, drawbacks to shun, as well as ways to build board leadership capacity and preserve a helpful relationship with management.  Your matter-of-fact approaches regarding culture, skill enhancement, self-evaluation, and comprehensive engagement presented our leaders insights and beneficial tools that stirred them to take their boards to a higher level.” – Ohio Credit Union League

“A common theme you emphasized was that the sphere of influence for our leaders is the future.  These leaders’ distinctive legacies are the creation of valued, professional traditions that survive over time.  The most noteworthy contribution leaders regularly make is not simply to the bottom line; It’s to the long-term development of people and customs so they can adjust, change, flourish, and grow.  That’s a competitive advantage for our future.” – Midwest Independent Bancshares, Inc.

“Thanks for smashing the myth that leadership is reserved only for the privileged or a lucky few.  The reality is that leadership is a visible collection of skills used every day – on the front line, in the back office, and in the executive suite.  Basically, leadership is everyone’s responsibility, and the most flourishing organizations will be those developing the widest range of everyday leaders.” – Tennessee Bankers Association

“One presentation, three diverse audiences, and identical results considered necessary – that’s quite a request.  One we recognized you could supply – for our upper executives, central managers, and first-level supervisors.  We’ll carry on in moving from good to great; put the right people on the bus (and in the right seats); and, generate sustaining results that make our organization indispensable and significant for our members and associates.” – Mission Federal Credit Union

“Your point was unmistakable – building a flourishing, sustainable enterprise in the world of business-as-we-now-know depends upon defining our strategic difference and making that distinction well-known to our stakeholders.  When our success revolves around our members, staff, directors, community, and policy-makers – each group needs to feel that difference in their daily lives.  We’re under a new business model now that commands exceptionality and remunerates us with loyalty.” – Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

“At our Annual Conference you challenged our banks with this provocative statement: ‘the highest level of business is an act of friendship – for our customers, our staff members, and our communities.’  If we’re to continue to flourish – now and as financial services continues to change – this radical impression may well be the benchmark for tomorrow.  Thanks for doing more than helping make our conference such a success; thanks for providing inventive ideas on ways to stand out and ensure our banks are better for all who we serve.” – Wisconsin Bankers Association

“With so many modern consumers factoring corporate citizenship into their spending, saving, and borrowing choices, building financial and social capital in our community makes good business sense.  The competitive and cost advantage from intentionally developing our own communities not only betters our business, it creates value in the products and services we offer.  You awakened us to the fact that corporate social responsibility – investing in one’s own backyard – is a key element to our long-term success that we can never overlook.” – Montana Credit Union Network

“Thank you for an incredible program.  Customer service is what distinguishes a great bank from a mediocre one, and your insights provided a clear-cut and practical framework for taking Shore Bank to the next level of excellence.  Our entire organization, from the front line, to management to back office staff is inspired and ready to “WOW” our customers!” – Shore Bank

“Success in leadership and achievement in business has been, is now, and will continue to be a function of how well people work and play together.  Today, we’re convinced that success in leading is entirely dependent upon one’s ability to foster and nourish human relationships.  This single-handedly enables leaders to get extraordinary things done on an ordinary basis.” – Iowa Independent Bankers

“What made your session exceptional is that you advocated developing a culture of motivated, empowered employees, each with an entrepreneurial spirit.  To encourage and expect individual initiative from people on the very front line is not only a grand idea – It’s a trend distinguishing of the greatest service cultures in the world.  At the end of the day, expecting a front-line service champion to do virtually everything they can to make certain a member leaves the credit union more than satisfied, but ready to return, is a leap in the direction of growth, retention, and profit.” – CU Conferences

“As you so carefully put in plain words, the greatest business secret to hold is the ability to repeatedly turn customers into advocates.  In today’s service-oriented economy, first-rate service is simply the beginning.  Delivering an experience, rewarding loyalty, and earn fervent referrals are now more than competitive weapons – they’re survival skills.” – Indiana Bankers Association

“The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you.  Throw it out the window!  Great things happen to those who treat others as others would like to be treated, because we all don’t want to be treated in the same way!  Your session on making assertiveness a part of our professional success, and including knowing whom we are working with, caused us to rethink the way we approach people, challenges, and change. To lead others and our business, we have a responsibility to speak up, stay open, confront, and keep others encouraged about the goals we aspire to.  Now it’s time to go out and get the success we desire and deserve.” – GTE Financial Credit Union

“The dynamics of change outside and inside of our four walls was exactly what we needed to hear.  Our challenge in providing successful bank management has never been greater.  Your thorough review of the forces shaping our industry and workplace left us with a fresh understanding about change: To fail, run from change.  To survive in the short-term, put up with change.  To thrive, include change in the way we build our business and manage our operations.” – Arkansas Bankers Association

“Today, many generations gaze across a workstation or conference table, and the possibility for difference and misunderstanding has never been greater.  Your time with us provided hands-on approaches to close the generation gaps.  With useful tools to recruit, retain, motivate, and manage the generations – We can now produce teamwork in a high-performance workplace.  And at any age, productivity is what counts.” – Massachusetts Bankers Association

“In both of your sessions, you offered us extensiveness and depth with real-world illustrations of daily leadership from everyday professionals who are meeting the extraordinary corporate challenges of our time.  Your exercises generated real-world insight on what it takes to be a leader and team member in our most complex and challenging times. Additionally, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to research our organization, which allowed for a personal touch.  Making references to people within our company and our weekly newsletters allowed our associates to make a real connection to the training.” – MAX Federal Credit Union

“Successful grassroots governmental relations plans are not about being around legislators – en masse – when industry threats crop up or opportunities develop.  Instead, the truly successful grassroots plan must center on relationships, access, and influence – all developed over time.  Your thorough, insider’s outlook of the collection of strategies and techniques to influence policies and decisions that affect our industry puts us in a place of potential – A position that allows us to work with elected officials to help our business prosper through changing business conditions.” – Independent Community Banks of North Dakota

“In the world of amplified accountability, sharp public scrutiny, and heightened legislative activity, it is more vital than ever to understand that directors must be fully conscious of what goes on behind Board Room doors.  Your well-timed thoughts, industry and corporate illustrations, and engaging facilitation helped our directors welcome the right responsibility, and the accountability that comes with the position.” – Independent Community Banks of North Dakota

“Every day, it becomes clearer that the New Mexico Legislature and U.S. Congress can settle on the future of our business.  The only way to make certain that our voice is heard is to stay involved during action where the rules are made – the political process.  Thanks to you, our aim is to develop high-quality political relationships that result in lawmakers seeking our counsel first when issues of significance surface.” – Credit Union Association of New Mexico

The Generation X and Y market is, without question, a major force behind the purchases of a broad assortment of financial products and services.  Reaching this market requires a revised collection of skills, approaches, and techniques.  Your thought-provoking session at our Marketing Conference explored the fundamental part these groups play in society and business.  The foundations and requirements of this exploding marketplace are the core concerns in the development of our business plans.” – Iowa Bankers Association

“What we discovered, and re-discovered, is that leadership is not the private reserve of a few magnetic individuals.  It is a course of action ordinary people use when they are bringing forth the best from themselves and others.  What we’ve established is that ordinary people make extraordinary things come about by energizing the leader within everyone – apart from job, position, or tenure.  Our credit unions are bursting with everyday leaders ready and willing to lead – every day.” – Virginia Credit Union League

“We asked for precise strategies to achieve the added edge in becoming primary financial institutions and you delivered even more.  Your audience — credit union leaders — applauded the atypical glimpse you revealed about how employee empowerment creates a direct connection to long-term, more profitable relationships with members.  More businesses should take notice of and pursue this model.” – New Jersey Credit Union League

“In order to continue in business, member centricity is now crucial and no longer the elective or other strategy that it once was.  Member service, experience, and loyalty courses of action are now the most significant levers for business achievement.  Thanks for keeping us alert to this innovative origin to distinguish our institutions and contend in this ever-changing industry.” – Credit Union Managers’ Association of Manitoba

“We can’t get it all done – What a breath of fresh air for those of us besieged with the ever-increasing demands of work and home life.  What we can do is lead our lives by understanding well-defined accomplishments that would make a difference in each unique part of our lives.  Your principle-centered, results-oriented approach to gaining control of life is certain to help each of us lead plentiful, worthwhile, and balanced lives.” – National Youth Involvement Board

“At its core, leadership is all about relationships.  Authentic leaders recognize that their success does not depend on their titles, but on the choices they make and the values they keep.  You started our conference right in revealing that leadership for the future is about credibility, commitment, and communication.”  – Kansas Bankers Association

“Directorship may be more of an art than a science, but good boards really have an effect and do make a difference to corporate accomplishment.  Simply put, better boards produce stronger credit unions.  Thanks to you, we better recognize the roles that directors play, what they should do, and what constitutes first-rate corporate governance.  That’s a checklist to complete that improves credit union success – for members, communities and the public’s perception.” – Carolinas Credit Union League

“In specifying the progression of board dynamics and providing insight into fresh best practices, you gave us an all-inclusive guide to creating and maintaining next-generation boards and leadership committees.  Your facts, examples, and applications are already helping our leaders shift to higher levels of performance.  Thanks for sharing your successful strategies.” – Iowa Credit Union League

“In this post-Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley world, extraordinary member, public, and regulatory scrutiny demands professionalism for all directors.  High-quality governance is, in due course, a personal choice of courage and integrity.  Your program on “Building a Better Board” provided a healthy education that helped our best become more engaged, ethical, and effective.” – West Virginia Credit Union League

“Some managers are good at procedures, assignments, and budgets – but the future belongs to those who can direct human capital.  With employees’ job options more abundant than ever before, maximizing retention means managers must foster loyalty and job satisfaction.  In today’s business reality, employees look forward to more than just a paycheck.  They will reward the finest managers with the added energy and allegiance that sets apart top-performing teams.  Thank you for your refreshingly authentic advice and modern-day examples to boost our bottom-line outcomes.” – Utah Credit Union Association

“Goodbye, ‘All politics is local.’  Hello, ‘All politics is personal.’  Thanks for highlighting that part of our professional sense of duty is to seek, develop, and sustain relationships with those in government.  When members of Congress and the state legislature hear from those truly affected by their decisions, it increases our ability to make a case for change.  That makes for a giant interest in having our voices heard – one by one – in our capitals.” – Maryland and District of Columbia Credit Union Association

“Your commonsense approach to management challenged us on three levels.  To get the finest performance from our people, we need to set expectations by plainly defining the outcomes we want.  We need to concentrate on their strengths and manage around their areas that need development.  And to help them truly grow, we need to learn how to guide them toward roles that truly fit them.” – Maryland Bankers Association

“Of your time with us, what stood out most is that it is enormously valuable to know the decidedly aggressive character of our political system.  Only those individuals and groups with real, lasting political influence will play a role in determining business policy.  For those businesses that decide to disregard government relations as a part of strategy — their future may be determined, not by an industry-related friend, but by an industry-related foe.” – Nebraska Credit Union League

“You revealed that consumers wish for businesses to be better citizens.  More than just a public relations tactic, sales strategy, or management trend – high quality, authentic corporate citizenship is the future of business.  If we are to carry on and thrive in a world where corporate behavior is under the microscope, we must always look at how our achievement is passed on to enhancing our members’ world.  – Credit Union Association of New York

“These days, directors must add genuine value to each credit union and its member-owners.  With this as a guide, your session illustrated that model board members are matter of fact, tactical, and persevering.  They are prepared and capable of offering analytical appraisal and are skilled at giving direct guidance.  Most important, they have a real feeling of partnership – one that is intensely engrossed in making a meaningful contribution to the lasting success of each of their credit unions.” – Wisconsin Credit Union League & Affiliates

“What marvelous opportunities we now notice that will allow us to affect the communities where we do business, helping them prosper and grow.  Showing us that it takes more than a recognizable name in a community to make a difference, you helped us identify that we have remarkable occasions to touch the cities and towns where we do business.  It’s the spirit of Kansas communities that helped our credit unions develop.  Now, it’s our turn to distinguish ourselves with genuine community involvement and continual investment.” – Heartland Credit Union Association

Political involvement in strategic and operational plans is no longer an option – it’s an obligation to our members, community and industry.  Knowing that leading trade associations and corporations powerfully sway business policy, today’s progressive organization must ask: “Are we an important and trusted resource to decision-makers in our capitals?”  Your straightforward and sincere advice stirred us to recognize and ask a more important question: “Are we equipped and prepared to become the most valuable and stanch resource?” – Northwest Credit Union Association

“When you said that the only place where you don’t get change is the vending machine, we realized that the livelihood of our business is about permanent change.  We’re through being just recognized.  We’re through being just preferred.  Thanks to you, we’re ready to be one thing and one thing only – insisted upon.” – Synergent Corporation

“What an interactive and genuine way to guide us through the simple process of thinking strategically.  With our efforts focused on member loyalty, increasing profits, effective goals and business continuity — our strategic planning processes can only get better.  Your fresh approach and valuable ideas helped our credit unions better chart their course to success.” – Mountain West Credit Union Association

“By re-thinking our assumptions about risk and pricing in serving traditionally underserved markets, we saw the truth: Disproportionate pricing always makes room for a low-price, high service leader.  Your eye-opening observations of this tremendous opportunity cleared our vision to see that – even in a saturated financial services marketplace – new, emerging markets are always ripe for harvest.” – League of Southeastern Credit Unions

“It’s true – The bulk of leadership, in the eyes of our members, lies in those serving on our front line.  Knowing full well that our professional actions can, and will, create value for our members, we’re eager to create a more loyal and delighted base of business.  Your challenge to our “point of first contact” staff is taken: Our members will know why they choose to do business with us the moment they walk through our doors.” – Wiregrass Federal Credit Union

“Who would have thought that the riches in our future would come from the intense loyalty of our members and employees?  Your guidance on standing out, creating emotional bonds and WOW-ing anyone walking through our doors set the path of our conference in the right direction.  More than being extremely thorough, interesting, and fun – you added a new level of meaning to our business and the future we want to create.” – Cornerstone Credit Union League

“Drawing on your first-hand familiarity with top companies as varied as Harrah’s, Chick Fil-A, and Delta Air Lines, you explained why even celebrated corporations can coast to delivering mediocrity to customers.  Most important, you offered a proven solution to break the cycle.  Thanks for providing our marketing leaders the tools and information they call for to deliver a meaningful, comforting, and confidence-building experience every time.” – Minnesota Credit Union Network

“Jeff, your ratings were fantastic, and the audience absolutely loved your session on developing loyalty in our members as well as developing political influence.  The one comment I continue to hear repeatedly sums up your effect on the audience: ‘We need him back but, as our keynote.’  Expect another invite from Texas credit unions.” – Tennessee Credit Union League

“Your presentation on ‘Developing Member Loyalty’ was exactly what we needed.  The numbers show you were a hit and all of those in attendance left with fresh ideas on how to grow their existing business.  Thank you for taking the time to structure the content to fit our exact needs.  What a fun and useful day it was for us.” – Connecticut Credit Union Association

“Whoever said ‘Enthusiasm makes the difference’ must have sat in on one of your presentations.  When a Californian like you blends Louisiana legend and Zydeco music into a custom keynote, you’ve done well.  On top of the fun we had with you, we’re more aware of our rich history and committed to our bright future.  Thanks for reminding us that we do make a difference each day of our lives.” – Louisiana Credit Union League

“Remarkable.  What a motto for marketing professionals interested in creating products and services for the future.  Your kickoff keynote did more than open our minds to original, daring, and gutsy marketing — it encouraged us to be passionate about our members’ changing financial needs.  Thank you for helping us to understand that, in a world of financial clutter, only the remarkable will stand out.” – Maine Credit Union League

“Your perspective on corporate involvement in the political process encouraged our clients to take another step toward making government relations part of their normal job functions.  One attendee noted that, “Political involvement is like an audit – not always fun, but necessary.”  Your dynamic and educational approach gave our customers a new understanding about the importance of political advocacy in the total business cycle.” – re:Member Data Services, Inc.

“Your discussion on corporate involvement in the political process was exactly what we needed to hear.  With so many outside forces trying to shape laws that affect our business, we better understand that being “in the thick of it” helps to protect and defend our industry.  Most important, your hands-on guidance about developing solid personal and professional relationships with legislators hit the mark.  Legislators look to the constituents they know best when shaping their decisions.  We want to be a part of that group.” – Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

“Enjoyable, clear, candid and valuable.  Those words condense the evaluations of your presentations at our annual meeting.  Our members found your style appealing and your message to-the-point.  Professionally, your suggestions and detailed remedies left them with practical ways to increase profitability and develop a more loyal, committed workforce.  They want you back – with your most up-to-date array of ideas to help expand their businesses, professions, and lives.” – League of Southeastern Credit Unions

“You hit the mark in conveying the messages we needed addressed.  Your keynote reminded us that trust, transparency, accountability, and courage lays the groundwork for the ultimate organization.  On a side note, our members loved how you included our mascot, Pee Wee Penguin, in your opening remarks.  What a creative way to kick off our meeting.” – Credit Union Association of the Dakotas

“With your in-depth research of our existence and purpose, you engaged our attention and provided useful tools we can use every day.  Your side helpings of humor made you even more effective.  I can’t think of a better way for us to kick off our meeting.  For any group seeking a blend of practical wisdom, business savvy, and engaging inspiration – You’re the one.” – International Association of Administrative Professionals

“We’ll never forget you.  Your keynote presentation encouraged us to stand out in the busy financial services world and earn, through matchless service, our members’ long-term loyalty.  Your hands-on breakout sessions taught us how to be better leaders and develop the next generation to follow.  But most of all, you were the first – and perhaps the last – speaker to win our hula hoop contest at the Friday evening sock hop.  Now, that’s client customization.” – Arkansas Credit Union League

“You were THE hit at our Associate Enrichment Day as our keynote speaker.  I continue to hear ‘Jeff-isms’ throughout the credit union.  Your words of wisdom, involvement of the audience and great sense of humor make it evident to me that you have a GREAT career ahead of you as a professional speaker.  And to think that we had you early on.  We will always remember your day with us.” – Orange County’s Credit Union

“Thanks for spending a day with our management team as we sought new ways to lead our organization into the future.  Your inclusion of honesty and integrity in our lives as leaders was exactly what I hoped you would emphasize.  In letting us know that in order to lead others we must first lead ourselves; you reminded us of the example we provide every day.  If we want to lead, we had better be worth following.” – Los Angeles Federal Credit Union

“…a big THANK YOU for speaking at our All-Managers Meeting, especially on such short notice.  With your unique style and ideas, you opened minds; made us laugh at life; healed some hurts; and, energized a team ready to win.  You’ll be back, I promise.” – The Golden 1 Credit Union

“I spent many months searching for the right individual, and you proved to be that person.  I credit a large portion of our success on this day to you.  You took the time to learn everything that you could about Valley Credit Union, asked a lot of preliminary questions and showed up early to attend our sessions and get to know our employees in the process.  This dedication on your part allowed you to touch so many people that day.”  – Valley Credit Union

“Though both sessions were exceptionally well-received, we really appreciated your ‘Community’ presentation.  The surfacing of corporate social responsibility is more than just a PR ploy, sales strategy, or management trend.  It’s the future of business.  It’s what credit unions – no, companies – must do to live to tell the tale and thrive in a world where more and more of their actions are under a microscope.” – Cooperative Credit Union Association

“One of the premier challenges leaders face today is determining how to provide value to those they supervise and manage.  Your comprehensive presentation for managers on all levels provided sensible tools for situational use and offered us insights to concepts that provide leadership insight.” – Virginia Bankers Association

“Extreme business competition has made countless products and services exchangeable, and made price the decisive determinant for consumers.  When customers recognize they can get the same product at a lower price from someone else, they will.  That is, unless you present them with something they can’t get anywhere else.  Your program and proclamation that ‘Satisfaction is worthless and commitment is priceless’ showed us how to break out of the commodity snare and craft loyalty that prevails over the power of pricing.” – Maine Credit Union League