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It’s no surprise that so many corporate groups bring Jeff Rendel back – year after year – to weave each part of their conference – go-getting beginnings, all sessions and events, every networking and awards function, and each break and reception to – most important – a unified end.

Much more than an emcee, Jeff skillfully and expertly encapsulates your meeting, delivering connecting points that engage, enlighten, entertain, encourage, and equip each participant to strategically execute their duties in their roles as leaders for your enterprise.

A typical day might include:

  • Opening each day with a concise, relevant leading presentation, designed to set the tone for the day’s activities and prepare each participant for a day of progress and insight.
  • Personally introducing each general session speaker, making certain that your speakers’ introductions are more than unrehearsed readings of website biographies. Jeff gets to know your speakers, introducing new friends in welcoming ways, connecting them to the audience in manners that deepen their concentration levels at your meeting.
  • Briefly attending every breakout session, quietly sitting at the back of the room to listen and observe; and, always slipping away with a few key points of understanding and action.
  • Closing each day with a brief, facilitated conversation with participants on lessons learned, actions planned, and strategies going forward. It’s a session that allows all to share and learn individual insights that benefit the entire group.
  • Actively listening to and participating in hallway chatter, coffee pot talk, and exhibit hall musings to get an ear-to-the-ground sense of what participants are really learning at your meeting. The same goes for evening receptions and meals, but without the necktie.
  • An hour of private reflection, each evening, to design and tailor the next morning’s concise, relevant leading presentation, based on his lessons learned from the day and how they set the tone for a new day.

Equally as important, you – as an executive – are free to enjoy and engage in your meeting, building the kinds of relationships that lead to results.  Jeff’s attention to every detail of your meeting, ability to summarize and discover consensus, and skill in incorporating all observations – his and the group’s – into salient points ensures that the whole of your meeting is greater than the sum of its parts.