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Sometimes, in-person training and facilitation just is not feasible. Digital delivery is a great option. For Michigan’s credit unions, Jeff Rendel’s leadership system – One Percent Leadership™ — is now available at a 50 percent discount – just $895.

The Focus

  • Leadership is everywhere: up, down, and across organizations.
  • Leading as an individual: integrity; expertise; ambition; focus; commitment to results.
  • Leading as a professional: confidence; presence; standards; solutions; goal-setting; priorities.
  • Leading as a teammate: relationships; communication; feedback; collaboration; support.
  • Leading as a strategist: outlook; perspective; trends; change; innovation; long-term focus.
  • Leading through actions: habits; execution; flexibility; persistence; resilience; encouragement.


Take the best of Jeff’s systems and content, package all into bite-sized videos, and you get a year’s worth of training in one focused system.

  • Executive-level content; adapted, aimed, and applicable for all professionals.
  • New, professional skills for enriched expertise and collaboration across all functions
  • Immediate application of learning for hands-on, member service opportunities.
  • 52, five-to seven-minute video segments for a full year of training content and lessons.
  • MP4-formatted videos for easy viewing on phone, tablet, PC, or in the training room.
  • Seamless integration into existing learning management systems.

The Results

  • Understanding the functions of leadership in every position.
  • Dedication to continuous professional development and excellence.
  • Respect for the strategic value in every job and department.
  • Collaboration across business units for comprehensive execution.
  • Delivery of outstanding operating results tied to long-term strategy.
  • Long-lasting leadership skills that perform in numerous business environments.

Email Jeff to learn how you can bring industry excellence into your virtual learning programs – jeff@jeffrendel.com.