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The Frontline Series

One Percent Sales and Service™ – The Frontline Series

As an executive, you have access to up-to-date business intelligence through industry schools, conferences, research, and publications. What if those same insights, and the business value that stems from them, was available to your frontline leaders? What if that leading information was customized to reflect its application to the primary level of sales and service at your credit union? The One Percent Sales and Service™ Frontline Series delivers that value. Here’s how.

The Focus

  • Executive-level content; adapted, aimed, and applicable for frontline leaders.
  • Latest consumer trends and research to enhance and refine the member experience.
  • New, professional skills for enriched expertise and collaboration across all functions
  • Immediate application of learning for hands-on, member service opportunities.
  • Action plans to increase frontline leaders’ leadership and influence with members.
  • Enhanced appreciation of the frontline leaders’ roles in strategy and success.

The Framework

  • 52, five-to seven-minute video segments for a full year of training content and lessons.
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or full delivery of training videos to any or all inboxes.
  • MP4-formatted videos for easy viewing on phone, tablet, PC, or the training room.
  • Seamless integration into existing learning management systems.
  • A perpetual license for permanent use of acquired video segments.
  • Monthly updates for an evergreen system of learning and utility.

The Results

  • Highest levels of onsite, on-the-job, leading-edge learning.
  • Broad understanding of trends that matter most for members.
  • Continuing education for consistent levels of service excellence.
  • Leadership skills and proficiencies that deliver success at all levels.
  • Execution of strategy at the branch and member-facing level.
  • Greater engagement in the long-term vision of your credit union.

Designed for all member-facing partners (tellers, MSRs, call center agents, and more), the Frontline Series brings the latest developments and expertise of the industry to your frontline leaders. Informed and prepared, they can deliver the value your members expect and deserve.