Jeff RendelFor your corporation, Jeff Rendel designs programs and systems that enhance profits, expand market share, and upgrade competitiveness.  His One Percent Systems™ allow him to study your enterprise, assess operations, utilize proven techniques, and shape practices that make possible the elite results you seek.

An incessant student of, author on, and speaker about up-to-the-minute business practices, Jeff focuses on understanding your industry and issues your organization faces. As he develops a tailored program, his examination of your organization helps align his program with your mission, vision, and strategic goals.

Jeff develops imaginative ways to enrich your business practices and leadership skills to model and expect.  Tactical leaps forward and reliable profits materialize after Jeff invests constructive time with your leaders at all levels – frontline, managerial, and executive.

When Jeff presents his One Percent Systems™ and programs and when your organization engages his services, you can expect these elite business outcomes and more from his strategic approach:



  1. Commitment to sales.  Commitment to service.  Commitment to growth.  Your workforce welcomes the reality that loyalty is an old-fashioned idea that your company can’t do without.  Understanding that today’s well-informed customer has a myriad of choices and options, your staff positions their jobs and your business around customer commitment.  They know that today’s business model goes beyond recognition and preference – it depends upon insistence and commitment. 
  1. Customers as advocates for you.  Your staff recognizes that your customers make the ultimate conclusion about your products or services.  By placing your customers at the top of your reality-based organizational chart, your business model takes shape around your customers.  Your customers become more than this year’s revenue – they grow into lifetime partners who are capable of helping your company grow. 
  1. Full engagement.  Enterprise-wide innovation.  You get a workforce that wants to win and lead.  You get a group committed to being the CEO of their jobs. You get staff that provides ideas, solutions, and plans. Now, your company can do much more than supervise and complement the competition. Instead, your company can stand out as the most esteemed, significant, and winning enterprise in your industry. 



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